SEO Courses

Training Courses

Our SEO Training will take you from the very beginning all the way through to using professional techniques that you will require if you need to achieve No. 1 rankings for ultra competitive keywords.

Beginners Training

Our Beginners Training Courses cover all the basics of effective optimization, it is the ideal course for people looking to promote a small to medium size website with a small quantity of keywords. Topics covered include; how and where to carry out the most effective keyword analysis, how to analyse the websites that currently rank well for your chosen keywords, how you can find niche keywords that haven’t been exploited yet, how to apply your chosen keywords onto your pages, how to make sure Google, Bing and the other major search engines not only visits your site, but like what they find, how to build quality links so that your site becomes an “Authority site”, how to monitor your progress effectively.

Intermediate Training

Our Intermediate Training Courses cover in greater depth the areas above, as well as teaching you the techniques required to succeed with larger websites that are looking for top rankings for a larger volume of high traffic keywords. If you have several websites that you want to rank well, these courses will show you the best way to structure your sites, how to cross promote them, how to insure that they convert their traffic into customers, how to exploit Google Local, how to test and measure everything that you do and how to encourage your visitors leave their contact details when they visit.

Advanced Training

Our Advanced Training Courses will give you all the tools and skills that you need to be able to operate as a professional SEO provider, including; visitor tracking, how to improve visitor conversion rates, email marketing and how to build a high quality contact list, socia media and how to get the best from it for your business, optimisation news, what to believe and how to keep up with the search engines ever changing algorithms, all the latest algorithm criteria you will need to rank well. This course is suitable for anyone with an understanding of the basics of search engine friendly optimization techniques.

More Courses

We also run SEO Training Courses covering the following topics;

  • Adwords for Profit.
  • Socia Media for Profit; includes Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin.
  • Making Websites Convert Visitors into Customers.
  • How to make your website a 24hr a day selling machine.