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We provide three levels of SEO Training for all budgets and abilities.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a vital component of business marketing strategy, often making the difference between success and failure.

Many may claim to be SEO experts, but very few actually are. Manipulating Google rankings is a skill few possess. You can cut through the BS and get straight to strategies that work.

We’ve ranked at the top of Google consistently for many years. This is due to the robust, long term SEO strategies used. Our experts deliver top rankings for their clients across a wide range of very competitive search terms. These convert into real business for their clients.

Working hand in hand with some of the best SEO consultants in the industry, we deliver the best insider information straight from their Google experts to you. Search engine manipulation tips and tricks that you will not hear anywhere else.

All of their processes are Google friendly and work for any niche. We teach all levels of search placement from Basic Optimization through to advanced techniques that will deliver huge volumes of targeted traffic.

Learn SEO Training

You will learn step by step, how to optimize a website, common mistakes, the truth about much of the hearsay and rumour that surrounds the industry.

Are you are looking to move your own site up the rankings? Or are looking to run an internet marketing business of your own? Oour top ranked SEO training courses will give you the tools and information you will need to succeed online.

Our Silver course is ideal for anyone looking to make a start with optimization. Detailed videos demonstrate each element of SEO, how they affect rankings and how to optimise each element to get the best results. more info

Gold package receive a more indepth knowledge of professional techniques used by the biggest SEO companies in the UK. Delivered by webinar, these live sessions are interactive with question and answer sections where you can ask about specific issues you fact with your own sites. read more

Our Advanced Platinum Course will teach you in a 1 on 1 environment. How you can create an optimisation strategy to dominate your niche across a range on online media. These include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube. We will share expert SEO tips with you straight from Dave Holland, Managing Director of Deeho, acknowledged to be one of the leading SEO experts in the UK today. learn more


Most SEO consultants won't share their knowledge. This is often because it doesn't work, is out of date or they can't back up their words with actual proof that their SEO strategies work.

We are different. We share what we know, so you can benefit

  1. SEO Testing

    One of the key areas of effective SEO is testing and measuring. This is one of the reasons why we do so well for our clients. We test and measure every theory, idea, and strategy that we use…. this is why we are different & why our SEO works.

  2. Understanding What Google Want

    If you are going to rank at the top of Google for anything worth ranking for, you need to understand what Google are trying to achieve and what they measure in order to rank each website. Only then can you begin to understand what works and what doesn’t.

  3. Every Element of SEO Covered in Detail

    We don’t gloss over any SEO factors. There are over 200 different elements that help to determine rankings and we cover them all. Good SEO is a process of aggregation of marginal gains. Many seemingly small changes and alterations all work together to give you the rankings you need.

  4. Backlink Building 101

    One of the biggest challenges for any SEO campaign is finding high quality, relevant backlinks that pass relevant trust and authority to your pages of content… we’ll show you how

  5. On-Page SEO 101

    Knowing what needs to go where on each of your pages is half of the battle. How to make users engage with your content so they send positive ranking signals back to Google…… absolutely everything you need to know, clearly explained