1 on 1 SEO Coaching

Our advanced 1 on 1 SEO Coaching will teach you in detail all that you need to know in order to be able to carry out search engine optimization to a professional standard.

We also cover Social Media in detail including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube, as well as Blog marketing, Article Marketing and much much more.

  • Professional optimization practices and how to get the best results for your sites.
  • Social Media and how to develop a unified strategy across different media.
  • What you must never do if you want to rank well
  • Staying at the top of Google for the long term
  • Delivering results for your customers
  • How to report your ranking progress & results

Learn at whatever speed suits you with our bespoke platinum level 1 on 1 SEO coaching. Everything from the basics through to advanced link building strategies that will get you long lasting ranking results.

We meet with you on a regular process, work through all the areas of SEO that you need information on and take your website to the next level of performance.

We cover all the on-page issues you may encounter, how to;

  • Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources
  • Defer Off-page Images
  • Text Compression
  • Image Compression
  • Removing Unused CSS
  • Minification

And much more.

We cover absolutely every element that has an impact on rankings, helping you to deliver the best possible website for either yourself or your clients.

Creating high quality, relevant backlinks is one of the biggest challenges for any website owner. Low quality, useless links are easy to create, but ones that actually work…. that’s a different matter. Backlinks are the driving force behind rankings and we will teach you how to build awesome backlinks that are powerful rankings drivers.

Find out more about this course and how you will benefit…. contact us today.


Most SEO consultants won't share their knowledge. This is often because it doesn't work, is out of date or they can't back up their words with actual proof that their SEO strategies work.

We are different. We share what we know, so you can benefit

  1. SEO Testing

    One of the key areas of effective SEO is testing and measuring. This is one of the reasons why we do so well for our clients. We test and measure every theory, idea, and strategy that we use…. this is why we are different & why our SEO works.

  2. Understanding What Google Want

    If you are going to rank at the top of Google for anything worth ranking for, you need to understand what Google are trying to achieve and what they measure in order to rank each website. Only then can you begin to understand what works and what doesn’t.

  3. Every Element of SEO Covered in Detail

    We don’t gloss over any SEO factors. There are over 200 different elements that help to determine rankings and we cover them all. Good SEO is a process of aggregation of marginal gains. Many seemingly small changes and alterations all work together to give you the rankings you need.

  4. Backlink Building 101

    One of the biggest challenges for any SEO campaign is finding high quality, relevant backlinks that pass relevant trust and authority to your pages of content… we’ll show you how

  5. On-Page SEO 101

    Knowing what needs to go where on each of your pages is half of the battle. How to make users engage with your content so they send positive ranking signals back to Google…… absolutely everything you need to know, clearly explained