SEO Course Contents

What You’ll Learn

Learning optimization is a lot more black and white than many people would want you to believe. We teach hard, cold facts and practices that deliver results not just for our clients, but for anyone who applies our techniques.

Basic Training Course Contents

Our Basic optimization training course covers everything you will need to know in order to achieve top results across a wide spectrum of keyword sectors. Most websites fail to rank well in search for two main reasons, poor application of search terms onto each page and poor link building processes. This beginners training course includes;

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On-Page Optimization – Applying your keywords and search terms to your pages effectively
  • Off-Page optimization – Creating high quality back-links to drive your site up the rankings.

Once you have completed this course you will be able to accurately determine the best terms to target your efforts on, which words and phrases will be easiest to rank well for and more importantly which will convert into real customers for you. How to apply your search terms to all of your pages so that they perform effectively across multiple search platforms and how to build high quality back-links to your site pages so that Google and the other search engines value your site content and reward you with top rankings.

Intermediate Training Course Contents

Our Intermediate optimization training course is suitable for people keen to learn more in depth search placement skills. We cover each area of the beginners course in more detail giving you a greater understanding of the psychology behind good optimisation as well as how to out perform your rivals.

Driving large volumes of traffic to your site is no longer enough, your traffic needs to be targeted traffic that will convert into real customers. We will teach you how to structure your site so that your sales funnel works efficiently for you.

    • Making your website convert visitors into customers
    • Testing and Measuring everything on your site
    • Building a contact list from your visitors
    • Creating an effective sales funnel for your site

Once you have completed this course your site will function as a sales funnel, driving visitors to specific ‘calls to action’ within your site. You will be building a list of prospects that you will then be able to email with offers, and information. You will also have a better understanding of where your visitors come from, which sources of traffic convert into the best customers and which areas to improve within your site.

Advanced Training Course Contents

Joining up all of your online marketing activities so that they all work together to drive high quality traffic to your site is one of the most difficult areas of online marketing. In the advanced course we will cover;

      • Social Media and how to use it profitably.
      • How a Blog will drive visitors to your site.
      • Joining up all your online marketing so that it works effectively.
      • How to keep up with the search engines ever changing algorithms.

Once you have completed this course you will have all the skills required to deliver top optimization rankings for high traffic keywords, a website that converts visitors into customers, an effective sales funnel, a growing list of contact details, a cohesive social media strategy to drive additional traffic to your site from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube.

Course Contents

Our SEO Courses will teach you so much more than just effective optimization and best practice. We teach our students how to create and market across multiple platforms so that their sites make money.

Beating your competitors not only in search, but across your online presence requires far more than it used to. It is important to market your site across a variety of media in order to be successful. Our courses will give you the skills that you need to build a powerful website with large volumes of quality, targeted traffic from a variety of sources.