Intermediate Training

Learn in more detail than our basic training course. Our Intermediate training course is designed for people who already understand the basics of optimization and can carry our basic keyword analysis, on-page SEO and build basic back-links. On the Intermediate course you will learn how to choose the most profitable keywords, advanced back-linking strategies that will give you top rankings for very competitive keywords, how to 'deep-link' for profit, how to keep up to date with the latest search engine algorithm updates.

  • How to choose profitable keywords
  • How to build power links
  • How to 'deep-link' to your site pages
  • Where to find the best SEO news and how to react to changes
  • How to stay at the top of Google

Learn Intermediate SEO skills

If you already have a basic understanding of optimisation and have your list of high traffic keywords, (that will convert into traffic for you) and are already building basic back-links to your site, but are struggling to improve your rankings, then this is the ideal course for you.

Many people, wrongly think that once they have added their terms and phrases to their site and built a few backlinks that they will automatically be rewarded with top rankings. Once upon a time this was indeed the case, but today, the search engines are a lot more descerning than they were even a year or so ago. Today, you need to maximise the effect of each and every link that you create, by targeting them towards your specific offerings.

  • Why all links are not equal
  • How to make your linking look natural
  • How to fast-track your SEO
  • How to outrank your competitors with less links
  • What 'Maintenance' you need to do to your site
  • How to make sure your site converts
  • How to monitor your traffic and get the biggest return from it
  • and much much more........

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Course 1 - SEO Basics

Ideal if you are looking to get started with optimization. Covering Basic theory & search positioning principles, you will be able to apply 0n-page optimization and build quality links with this course. Find out more

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Course 2 - For Intermediates

A much deeper look at optimization, including keyword analysis, competitor analysis, traffic monitoring, conversion rate, and building power links. Find out more

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Course 3 - Advanced Techniques

A complete guide to online marketing including; professional optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, article marketing, creating a powerful online presence driving quality traffic to your website. Find out more

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